Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Uglies ~ What to do?

Of course I have been sewing along with Bonnie K. Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery on the Quiltville site. Currently we're on step three which uses many neutral strips and strings to make string blocks. Bonnie encourages sewists to be daring, to use not only white on white or tone on tones, but to use fabrics with neutral backgrounds and also have some color, and to use ugly fabrics (they'll be cut up's okay!).

So, a thread in the the Yahoo! group chat has turned to the ugliest fabric. My fellow Quiltvillian Quilting Bibliophagist posted a reproduction conversational fabric with flies on it. made me think of this fabric of mine...yes a different fly fabric. Who would have thought...and if there are two fly fabrics there are probably more.

Anyway, here is my ugly fabric that could be incorporated into this quilt.

Look at the detail on those legs and the gray and black abdomens. Gorgeous, no? And like QB I am wondering why I purchased this ~ but I believed they were bees ~ and somehow that would have been better?!

So the thoughts creep in...

Shall I? Really?'s only one fat quarter.

But they're one and a quarter inches across the wings...and *whoa* it's really ugly.
Bonnie would add them in. I do mysteries to stretch myself.

This is challenging and not in the way I expected.

Hmmm...what to do??



  1. USE it. Just to say you did. You'll never use it anyway.

  2. Old adage - if it's still ugly, you haven't cut it small enough!!

  3. Yes, use it. there will be so much going on folks won't notice those .. flies? bees? bugs? whatever... clear them out of your stash.

  4. No offense, but that is worse than Quilting Bibliophagist's fly fabric! The wings blend in with the background and I mainly see the black body which reminds me of roaches....creepy!
    Why did you buy it again??!! :-)

  5. Now believe it or not.. I absolutely like it.
    You could do the disappearing 9 patch out of it.. Do you know what that is?

    If you want to swap the piece for some beautiful fabric. Just let me know..

    I love weird and unusual!