Saturday, February 2, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Road to California

Congratulations to Kathy MacKie!  She is the winner of four pink fat quarters.  I'll send them off to you as soon as we get an address.

Stay tuned for an update on the Road to California show. It was an experience I will never forget!  Partly because I took 797 photos.

This is John Flynn, who taught an heirloom handquilting class.

Below is a stack of quilts from the Searching For Clues class I took with Mary W. Kerr

It was wonderful to be in the company of 20 lovely ladies all of whom are interested in quilt history. Each student in the class brought two to three items to study, and we surely did study them. In the class the students poured over 44 quilts in six hours. I can't wait for the next quilt study opportunity. That alone was worth going to the show, but there are so many other reasons too! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Civil War Quilts and Dixie Diary

Today I head to Ontario, California for the Road to California Quilter's Conference and Showcase.  I am excited to be able to attend this annual show for the first time, finally! Of course, I am enrolled in so many workshops and lectures that I may not be able to even see all of the quilts in the show, but I will be sure to give it a go.  The plan is to return home inspired and quite likely exhausted.

Before I head out the door I'd like to share my first Dixie Diary block.  I have not yet added the applique to this, not sure; I may let the stripe be the focal point here.  Thoughts?

Her Flag Flying

As a monthly block, this is a more manageable pace for me (would love to have more free quilting time, but grateful to be employed and put first things first!).  I am still working on the Civil War Blocks of the week shared in 2011. Eventually two quilts will be done, but for now I am enjoying the process.
Kentucky Crossroads

Oh, I am so excited and grateful that my sister gave me Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler for Christmas since some blocks featured on the blog were not included in the book and there are some additional blocks in the book that were not on the blog.  There are 50 blocks in the book with historic tales and there are 53 blocks on the blog. 

Oh yes, and be sure to go here and leave a comment if you would like a chance to win four cute pink FQs.  What would you make with them?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Recently I made a gift for a co-worker's daughter who loves Hello Kitty.  In searching for the 'right' fabric I made my way to three local quilt shops.  First, the Cotton Ball and with loads of gorgeous batiks and traditional fabrics, alas, no Hello Kitty to be found.

Second I went to Betty's Fabrics, a shop in the next town.  Betty's is not a quilt shop but serves quilters in addition to carrying garment and upholstery/decorator fabrics. Well let me tell you I was not surprised to find Hello Kitty fabric there, but  was tickled to find that the only one was KISS Hello Kitty! I had no idea!

Hmmm, cute but not exactly what I need for this project. 

Third was Beverly's Fabrics and I found a sweet ladybug-themed fabric that was 'just right'!

The result was this bag.  Of course I could not fathom giving only the bag so a Hello Kitty beanie baby was added (she's holding a cupcake, how cute is that?!)...and a pillow and blanket for the beanie baby too.

There is a fat quarter of the ladybug Hello Kitty fabric remaining and three additional pink fat quarters were added! 

If you are interested in receiving them just leave a comment by February 1 about what you would make with them.  Maybe something heart-themed for Valentine's Day? Add them to your current project?  It could be anything!  Winner will be selected February 2.  Please make sure there is a way to get in touch with you in case you are the winner. 

I am excited to have the opportunity to go to Road to California this week and will happily share photographs to the extent stay tuned for major eye candy coming here soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year

Well hello there!  Happy 2013 to you.  Hopefully you enjoyed a little you time over the past several months.  I have!  It has been a blur, really, and I finished some projects and began others and will fill you in on all of that soon.

First, though, it's good fun to take a look around at blocks of the month for 2013 since many of the designers offer free blocks for a limited time and you have to be quick if you prefer to get them free.  Fortunately some are available for purchase afterward so if you miss a block or two they are available to you.

Here are a few new BOMs:
2013 BOM - Quilt Doodle Designs
Blogger Girls - Open Gate Quilts
Dixie Diary at Civil War Quilts - Barbara Brackman
Jingle - Erin Russek
Medallion Mystery - Judy Laquidara
Skill Builder - Alyssa Lichner

These are continuing from 2012:
New York Beauty - Rana Heredia
Vintage Sampler - Reeze Hanson

Additionally, Easy Street by Bonnie K. Hunter is a great mystery quilt (mystery has been revealed!) and will be available for a limited time (through June 2013, I believe).

Stay tuned for a few surprises this year.  It will be fun!  I love giveaways and have designed a few things to share as well. 

Wishing you health and happiness throughout 2013.