Friday, July 15, 2011

You Can Make a Quilt in a Day

Yes, you can do it! It took seven hours to make the center of the Quick Trip quilt (I am not the fastest so certainly it can be made more quickly than that). I needed to purchase more fabric for the first border so I have only completed the center so far. Today I finally was able to get to Sew Fun and thankfully Lynn still had the fabric in stock! There is always a bit of anxiety about whether it will still be there by the time I am able to get to the shop. Now I have to add the borders and the top will be complete. Then I will make another one, they're so fast why not?!

What else have I been up to? Autumn Leaves has me captivated. I enjoy the possibilities of color combinations and I have been piecing a lot of them since the Quilt in a Day training ended. I am going to have one great Fall quilt when I get to the bottom of the pile of batiks! Below is a sample of possible groupings for leaves.

I have also been selecting fabrics for a star wallhanging called Wish Upon a Star. I call this 'homework' now that I am preparing to teach ~ sounds better to me than 'putzing around in the sewing loft'. Whatever it is called, it's a lot of fun.

Hope you're having fun sewing too!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quilt in a Day

Nine fabrics for Quick Trip lap size

Border fabric for Quick Trip quilt

Summer is in full swing here, and for that I am grateful. Nectarine jam, walking the dogs and watermelon for dinner. What could be better?

I was fortunate to attend Quilt in a Day's Teacher Certification Training June 21-23. It was wonderful to meet so many kind and talented colleagues and to finally meet El (when I called her Ms. Burns, she said. "Aww, you can call me El.") and the talented folks at Quilt in a Day. As certified teachers, we are now ready to teach Quilt in a Day quick piecing techniques. During our training we covered the Radiant Star and Sassy Stars, flying geese, half square triangles, Day and Night, fusible applique, the Autumn Leaf pattern and more. It was particularly helpful to understand what parts can be confusing to students. I also learned first hand the remarkable detail in the books and patterns. One of the attendees shared with the group that she has a learning disability and the Quilt in a Day patterns are the only ones that make sense to her. I suppose that's because the Quilt in a Day patterns have 16 pages in them and they contain details that others leave out to save valuable space and the bottom line. Love Quilt in a Day patterns! I have to say it was truly a priviledge to have attended and I look forward to the next opportunity to make a trip to San Marcos, California, USA.

Since that time I have been in the sewing loft (when not working as an executive assistant) working on a number of things (Autumn Leaf Table Runner, Sliced Nine Patch, Quick Trip, more autumn leaves...). When I went to a favorite local quilt shop to purchase some fabrics for the Quick Trip quilt I inquired about a need for quilt teachers. Fortunately I was able to make an appointment and am really looking forward to teaching my first Quilt in a Day class (I have taught previously but not any Quilt in a Day patterns). I will teach the Quick Trip quilt, a great one for beginning quilters and seasoned quilters as well. The color selection really holds your interest so it's a good quilt for everyone!

Today I am going to make a quilt top in a day ~ the Quick Trip lap size is what I am working on. I can't wait to see it come together...fabrics are pictured above. Got to get back in the loft, please wish me full bobbins and no seams to rip!

Happy stitching,