Sunday, February 27, 2011

Civil War Blocks

Gorgeous, cold winter day on California's central coast.

Lately I have been playing a bit of catch up. Ms. Brackman issued 9 Birds in the Air this week and I have only completed about half of the blocks yet. Progress was slowed by the irritated nerve in my right arm and the related various appointments and time required for rehabilitation. Well I am now able to get back in the saddle and I have made 7 Log Cabin and 8 Cotton Boll.
I was thrilled to find this fabric in my collection which has a 'cotton boll' feel to it.
I am grateful for these blocks of the week and am enjoying the journey making this quilt to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

Are you making any special item to commemorate an event?

Speaking of events ~ we had snow in the county yesterday. Of course many have snow right now but on the California coast it's not so common. The authorities even had to close a portion of a highway for nearly an hour. No worries though, I was safely inside a warm quilt shop and today is cold but clear, a gorgeous winter day.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Check Up

Thankfully the doc says my arm is more than 90% well and he lifted my restrictions. {cheers!} Of course physical therapy must continue and I need to consider changes to the workstation along with other recommendations. I am so fortunate this has resolved quickly and endeavor to keep it at bay.

In the meantime I have been visiting fabric stores collecting batiks for a quilt that caught Mr. IQ's eye at Sew Fun last September.

Wait. What?

Yes, he does know what flying geese are (he is my husband after all), but he's been in dozens (hundreds?) of quilt shops, to shows, and I have never heard him say he particularly likes any of the quilts we have seen. Mr. IQ is a football nut. I mean, he truly puts the 'fanatic' in fan: college football, the CFL (Go BC Lions) the NFL draft, the combine. He loves it all and that is where his passion lies. The gridiron.

It's called 'Calypso'

Detail of bottom half

Perhaps now you understand his interest? Gorgeous, no?

It's in this book

in a different colorway

I like seeing a different colorway, don't you?

Since September I have been on the lookout for fabrics. Here's the loot so far. We need 30 FQs for this quilt. Of course, I collect first and weed out later...and gratefully, I am sure to have at least one other opinion on the matter of which to weed out.

What do you think? Looks like fun, huh?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been years since I have been 'on restriction' but that's what I am dealing with now. Limit 'repetitive use of right hand' and no pushing, pulling or lifting over 25 pounds. It's all related to tendonitis and an irritated ulnar nerve. You likely know that the 'funny bone' is not really a bone, but the ulnar nerve. Please don't rest your elbow on a hard surface repetitively when typing or on the telephone for example because that is what is the most likely cause (at least in my case). That said, I am doing well and certainly on the mend.

All the while I have been limiting typing and such, but I cannot help myself from blog hopping or searching for quilty inspiration elsewhere even though I have not been as productive in the sewing loft. My itch to stitch has been satisfied by looking at pictures like these log cabin quilts on Barbara Brackman's blog, this streak of lightning log cabin and I gasped when I saw this barn raising log cabin. Lovely.