Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Fun

Lately I have been working on a few projects, finishing the Three Bean Salad quilt, attending swim meets, working a lot (I work at a college and Fall is just around the corner - instructors return from Summer break next week and students will return the following week.) and making class samples for the Autumn Leaves and Quick Trip patterns. Since mid-June I have also reflected on my progress toward my 2011 quilting goals.

This year it has been a priority to get outside the box and not be the same quilter I was in 2010. I just want to grow as a quilter, that's all...nothing wrong with the 2010 me, but I thought, 'let me spread my wings a little more'. So, I have sought out new techniques and patterns. So with that in mind I have free motion quilted on an actual quilt (not just a bit of muslin!), sketched several original quilt patterns, English paper pieced a pattern I had not done before, improvisationally pieced (so unlike anything I would typically choose -- and that's the point) and learned a new technique for making flying geese in order to keep that commitment. I have not yet done everything I set out to do, but that's the whole idea behind taking stock of my accomplishments and tweaking goals as needed. Did you make quilting goals for 2011? How are you doing?

My favorite freebies of late are:

First, the Market Tote -- to carry your late Summer harvest. If that's not enough to keep you busy, there are two Layer Cake Quilts: the Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt, the quilt top uses only a layer cake (without borders), and the 1 + 2 Easy Quilt pattern which uses the layer cake plus two yards for the quilt top. My favorite freebie accessory to date (yes, ever) is this Sewing Caddy. I use it all the time and I cannot believe I ever sewed without it. It was especially helpful in class, when space is limited. I did not make the pin cushion as I wanted the pocket to be free of encumbrance and available for my rotary cutter. If I were to tweak it, I might consider adding a button hole about half way down one slim pocket to allow my seam ripper to have a 'holster' and be more accessible. As it is I dig for it...but don't mind much.

I have been thinking about the Civil War quilt, saving patterns each week and dreaming of completing them on time...but not keeping up lately. I will get caught up eventually. Also I have been anticipating starting a new irish chain scrappy quilt, so I am collecting blues. How is that for a conundrum....I have such limited time and dreams to sew so many quilts. Such is the puzzle of an inspired quilter, right?!

Keep on stitchin,


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  1. We have ONE civil war quilt block done in our I bet you might be ahead of us! (It is a mother/son project for school)