Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arroyo Grande Centennial Quilt Show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of viewing quilts by artists of the Central Coast Quilt Guild exhibited in honor of the City of Arroyo Grande's 100th birthday. Here is a link to a few pictures. Apologies for the photo quality and awkward angles. The conditions were less than ideal for photography; it was quite crowded with people and the rows were impressively narrow, to get some shots I nearly backed into a wall of quilts in the neighboring row. I am happy to show you what I was able to capture though, because it's all about the quilts! Hopefully you'll be inspired to attend a local show or sew up something new.

This week the Civil War block is Indiana Puzzle. Curved piecing ~ I have not done curved seams for a few years, so I am pleased there is a little friendly reminder here. Hopefully you have done well with it. Mine is yet to be tackled, and I am looking forward to it. If you have finished all of the blocks you are 63% done (and congratulations)! I am about half way there at 33%, happily flitting between projects. Hmm, I think I will sew one block up, cut one out and leave it for the next time I go into the loft. Kind of like a little temptation to sew the next one up quickly before I get to another project. I will let you know how well that works!

Have you been bitten by the Cheddar and Bow Ties bug yet? Not this kind. That kind. MMMmmm. Yes, I did jump in a few weeks ago. They go together quickly, and the inspiration quilt is lovely. Don't you think?


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