Wednesday, April 27, 2011


17 Comfort from Civil War Quilts

Autumn scarf

Today Taryn blogged about a lack of inspiration and I truly admire her authenticity. She's surfing the web for pictures in search of inspiration. I have been there too, and once I thought about not sewing for a month. Then I got scared ~ I don't like to make rules about / set limitations on my sewing. It's supposed to be fun and I strive to keep it that way! Her post encouraged me to think on what I have done to overcome a lack of inspiration, what inspires my creativity...and what stifles my creativity.

Stifling: lack of sleep; feeling overwhelmed by too many obligations; stress; same old projects that seem to never get finished; an untidy sewing room.

Inspiring: photos of reproduction and antique quilts (Quilt Index); dresdens; tiny pieces; my little quilt book library; starting a new project; improvisational piecing; changing to a project with different colors; going to quilt shows (Seven Sisters 2011 is April 30-May1); the show and tell part of a guild meeting; Yahoo! groups photos of finished quilts.

Renewing: visit the local library and pour over their books for a few hours (in subjects such as: nature, home decor, architecture, traditional textiles from other cultures, traditional and heritage quilts, state documentation project books); see a movie; spend an afternoon at the park, county fair, beach, lake; see an exhibit; travel (near or far).

Have you ever been uninspired? What worked for you?


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  1. Your ideas are excellent!! But, I think I need to reverse renew and inspire. I am going to take your suggestion and try the travel or walk or movie (or, more likely, all of them). Just thinking about the makes me feel better and then I will be open to the inspirations. Very helpful, thanks!