Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quilt in One Day?

Have you ever made a quilt in one day? I have not. Well, I have made potholders in one day, and I guess one could consider those quilts.

I am reminded of my first quilt; I don't dabble in things but rather jump in with both feet. You see, my first quilt was king sized! It was Lover's Knot by Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day...so I suppose I have made a quilt in a day but it took a couple of months! My second project was a wall hanging (can you blame me?).

How about making a trip around the world in one day? I am tempted to challenge myself with Bonnie K. Hunter's pattern and see what it takes. It seems that with the strip piecing it will make up quickly, but in one day? Think it's possible? Perhaps we'll find out!

The ingredients for this pattern are being assembled, thanks to the sale table at a local fabric shop. Here is a possible grouping with nine fabrics featured in the quilt:

If you have thoughts on the fabrics please comment!



  1. I really like your fabric selection. I have never made a quilt in a day either. Let us know if it is actually possible.