Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mystery Progress & Giveaway Winner

Mystery Step 2 units awaiting trimming

Is everyone who is sewing along enjoying the Quiltville mystery? I sure am anticipating each 'clue' as it's revealed and capitalizing on the enthusiasm in between steps to get some other sewing done. Based on the last few lines in clue #2 I am not sure there will be much extra time to anticipate following clue Bonnie notes, "you never know what whammies might be next" so I am prepared for some serious sewing on Saturday and the days to follow (I'm working Friday)! I just hope I can keep up.

And without further ado, I consulted and #14 Sarah B was selected. Congratulations Sarah B! Please contact me by Saturday, December 4 at midnight PST with your mailing address so I may send you the magazine.


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