Sunday, October 17, 2010

Works in Progress & UnFinished Objects (WIPs & UFOs)

So, are you a finisher? I mean, do you work on a project at time from start to finish -- one project?

Me? No. I tend to flit from project to project. It's so tempting to begin something when inspired. It's nice to have several projects to choose from to work on. (1) I like a variety of color combinations and maybe I am in the mood to work with 30s fabrics one day and civil war fabrics the next. Not a problem, I have one of each going right now. (2) It's nice to have projects that require different techniques going at the same time. I like handwork and sew by machine as well. English paper piecing allows portability so I can sew even when away from home. I love that -- more sewing time is good. (3) There is also the option of having a project that is less complex; one I go to for 'mindless sewing'. Add items begun in classes but not yet completed.

Needlesstosay I have a lot of projects going on simultaneously in varying degrees of completeness. I am okay with that. Really!

Pat Sloan has issued a sort of call to action to "bust your UFOs". See her first post on it here. Do you know what you have? I think I do. I guess I need to check on that.



  1. I am slowly starting to become a finisher - working with a quilt ministry, you can't afford to let someone's quilt sit and languish on a UFO pile! But I do usually have several in progress - one at the cutting stage, one at piecing, one at quilting, and one at hand-sewing the binding. Plus there's usually a handwork piece (hexies) going on, too! And there's usually one project I'm working on for me that's waiting for a free minute to be finished.... So I guess I have a lot going on at one time too! I actually only have two projects that I would term UFO's - they've been sitting for a long time - but I haven't deserted them, just haven't had any spare time to get to them!

  2. I used to be a 'one project' person. Now I have at least three going all of the time. I'm not so sure that's a good idea because some end up on the back burner for way too long - lol!