Friday, October 29, 2010

'Quilting Through the Ages' Antique Quilt Exhibit

Captivated is a word to describe my complete adoration of antique quilts. I had the pleasure of seeing 'Quilting Through the Ages' at The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum on Saturday, October 23. According to the program the exhibit runs through October 31. I am (secretly) thinking of going back so I can gawk at these beauties once again.

The quilts are from the Santa Ynez Valley area and when possible information about the quilts' owners and makers is shared. In some cases photographs of the families accompany the display.
Friendship Quilt made in Bethel, Ohio dated September 1854

Notice along the right hand side of the Friendship Quilt there are half blocks!
Following are block details from this Friendship Quilt.

Beautiful grapes

Signature detail

There were many other quilts to see. So many that I will post more another day! But for now, feast your eyes on these lovelies.

1890 Maple Leaf (restored 2009)

1877 Temperance Quilt

This "T" or Temperance quilt was part of a larger quilt and when the quiltmaker passed it was divided into smaller pieces in her memory.

Hexagon Quilt

An adjacent exhibit displayed vignettes of clothing, quilts and other articles of interest. These are contained in cases so there is reflection in the photographs (sorry about the reflection).

This is the dress on the left in the above photo. The accompanying information card reads, "This is a brown two piece dress. Skirt has layers in both the front and back, which was the norm, and was accented with the bustle. This dress would be worn by a middle class matron both at home and for outings. She would have dressed it up with vintage handmade lace..."

The accompanying information card reads, "1890s. This is a brown and black silk-satin striped two piece dress trimmed in brown velvet, cream handmade lace and copper ribbon. The leg-o-mutton sleeves were the height of fashion. The dress is trimmed with jet beads made from obsidian...This was a walking or visiting dress that would have been worn by a middle class matron..."

A 1927 Sears Catalogue was included among the items. More fun can be found here.

More photos will be posted in a later post. Stay tuned for more quilt exhibit fun!
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  1. Can't wait to see more photos. Is there a larger photo available of the first quilt (Bethel OH)?

  2. Hi Karen, I will email you more photos of the Friendship quilt...I have a few since that one made my heart skip a beat.

  3. I love visiting exhibits such as this. Too far away and now too late to see it in person, thank you so much for posting photos and information about it. Wonderful!