Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tumbler Quilt

Since my last post I was assigned to a case for jury duty so my days are partly at my regular, full time job and afternoons are spent in court. I had not ever served before, and I don't mind doing my civic duty. It does make for full days, though, since in addition to working in the mornings I am also taking an advanced patchwork class Tuesday evenings.

Last week in class we discussed traditional scrap quilts and one patch designs: for example, the tumbler, the hexagon and the applecore. It was great to make the time to focus on patchwork and sleep can just wait, right? A bonus is now I have "homework" for class next Tuesday and am enjoying that excuse to be in the sewing loft more than usual..what a lovely mess, huh? All of my early reproduction fabrics are being neatly trimmed into tumbler shapes using a plexiglass template and a rotary cutter, and the stacks are getting taller in short order. It'll probably be a top before St. Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see a sampling of my mid to late 1800's fabrics in one top!

Fabulous Free Finds:
♦ In my last post I failed to link to Be Still My Heart, a lovely block which is so versatile for February. If you don't have a lot of reds just throw in pink and burgundy along side them (the reds matching then becomes less conspicuous for those who like a more homogeneous color scheme) or even go completely scrappy. It will all look good...but then again, I love super scrappy! It's a great pattern for a honeybun, though measurements will need to be adjusted if you go that route. I can see this block with a thin background border and then alternating with a checkerboard block. That would be a great project for a honeybun. If you have honeybuns laying around, be sure to look here for ideas...there are several honeybun recipes!
♦ Ms. Brackman's Checkered Past is a free pattern - simply lovely. With precuts it will make up quickly. Have you seen the new 1862 Battle Hymn line? I just adore the cotton boll print in that line (and the tiny florals, and the wavy stripes, and...). I am on the lookout for these fabrics in my local quilt shop. Maybe I will see you there!


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  1. I made a tumbler out of my Jo morton stash. It's one of favorites! Can't wait to see yours!