Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Around these parts it's been 70 degrees on average this week. Yes, we have been experiencing above average temperatures for January to be sure. About a month ago I took the below photo at work while on my way to an event with camera in hand. Clearly, not long ago it was looking quite Fall-like. Just before the winter solstice there was rainfall that had the local meteorologist talking about records, trees falling, mudslides. It was a real mess.

It's all quilting weather to me ~ surely you can relate.

I have been thinking about the Whig's Defeat block and fabric selection. Quilt historians in the Deep South Study group recount block history here. According to my research Whig's Defeat is also known as Grandmother's Engagement Ring, Fanny's Favorite, and Democrat's Fancy. Traditionally I believe red, white and blue were most often used. I have seen lovely versions in pink, green, cheddar and in red, green and cheddar. I am a fan of cheddar, so that's an easy one. I am still working on the other two colors.

This is one stack I have been staring at:
Kona red, Kona papaya, an indigo print and parchment.
Not sure about this red with this indigo. I am going to create
a new stack and stare at it for a bit.

No worries though, while I have been thinking on the Whig's Defeat fabrics I have sewn. Below is a stack of nine patches in Moda's Shangri La (mostly) that will become a couch throw soon.

And there are always these Bonnie Hunter mystery blocks to work on. I have slowly made some progress on the quilt. It's a big one with many pieces. I am enjoying the journey with this other words it could be a while. If you're partial to the pattern go now and save the files. It's free on her site for a limited time (June 1, 2011).

And more fabric choices to make. I have the below fabrics for the Joanne Thread Head Quilt Along alternate blocks. I am not sure if I like the plain muslin fabric with the tan and black prints or the shirting below with the small circles. Perhaps a tone on tone like Joanne's? Decisions, decisions! More fabric to think on.

Of course I have been sewing along with Barbara Brackman too. No shortage of projects here. I have sewn the first two and am in progress on the third. It's applique and I am trying a new to me technique described here. Marcia Hohn prefers using freezer paper on the top of the piece to guide her needleturn. I thought 'Hmmm, it's worth a try.' It may not be the best method for pointy stars (?) but I want to try it.

1 Catch Me If You Can

2 North Star

That is what's been keeping me busy lately aside from plenty of work.
I have determined that in 2011 I want use new to me techniques and take on challenging projects. So far it seems to be on track!

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