Thursday, August 12, 2010

Favorite Thing: Pincushions

Pincushions are one of my favorite things. There is just something about a little scrap of fabric becoming something so useful that appeals to me. I like ‘em big and heavy.

Big so they have a lot of space for all my pins and needles. I don't want to be fussing looking for a place to stick the pin, you know? Heavy so they don’t spin, roll or wiggle away when I am tryin’ to stick ‘em. Gotta have a pincushion that stays put.

That said, my current fave pincushion is this one.

It was designed by the talented Anna Maria Horner and worked up in sunflower colors. It’s six inches in diameter. That’s a lot of pincushion! There is even a little ladybug sittin’ on top.

In order to have a chance at a kit to make your own sunflower pincushion (even the ladybug!) just leave a comment including a guess about how many strawberries are in the jar pictured below.

The person who guesses the closest without going over wins. If there is more than one person with the winning number I will draw one winner among them. The contest ends on Friday, August 20. Good luck!


  1. That is such a cute pin cushion. I loooooooove the strawberries in the jar too..LOL. I guess 22 Strawberries.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity. Love the strawberries and great idea putting them in a bottle. My guess will be 23. Thanks from Judy C in NC

  3. I think there is 35 mini strawberries in the jar. I think your sunflower pincushion is just too cute!

  4. Hi,
    I'm thinking 24 strawberries.... I'd even like to win them.

  5. Hi,
    Big pin cushions are the best. My guess is 33.

    Bev in BC

  6. I guess 35.

  7. My guess is 32. I think I saw this on an episode of Curious George. Hope I learned something :)
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  8. I'm guessing 23. That pin cushion is so sweet!

  9. Thank you for entering, the contest is limited to those who posted prior to this entry. Results will be posted on August 22.